Alton Sterling 

I normally do not make or voice my opinion about issues because I have grown to notice that I have a different view on life than most others. I have blacks and whites in my family and have even dated outside my race so the color of someone’s skin is not how I judge someone but off their actions. 

But what happened to Alton Sterling, was he was murdered by a police officer who is on leave with pay instead of arrested for murder. There is no need for investigation even Stevie Wonder could see that he was murdered. No disrespect to Mr. Wonder I love him and his music. Sterling had a gun in his pocket but did not go for it and the way he was tackled by being thrown against a car and thrown to the ground was uncalled for he was not resisting the officers. The officers saw the gun and pulled it out of his pocket after he was already dead. Neither officer called for paramedics or anything. They were out to kill him and with their past they know they will get off or a slap on the wrist. Granted Sterling was selling CD’s he was not bothering anyone. He was trying to support his family. The issue of society and I can vocally attest, is that in society there is a white law and a black law. Years ago, I have studied cases for a black person getting arrested versus a white person getting arrested for the same thing and I have came to the conclusion, that a black man is not respected in society no matter if that person does right. If one gets arrested or killed the first photo media display is the mugshot or a thuggish picture off their social media, whereas, Josh, a white man, who gets arrested he is shown in a Boy Scout uniform as having family issues if arrested or committing a violent act. I’ve dated a Josh, before so no offense to anyone named Josh, just stating facts. No one is perfect and everyone has a past and either you learn from it or become a statistic and results to recidivism. So before you judge someone ask, what have I done wrong in my past and I bet you have something.

Whenever you die or get arrested whatever you have on social media becomes subject to discussion and is judged as your “character”. Be careful of who you are “post” to be. 

The thing that bothers me is the elected officials we vote for and put in office and they turn and do a 180 degree circle of what they said they were going to do. They play like they want to hire the community and place in their administration the same people who are career politicians not a new soul in politics in his administration. I voted for the current governor, we have in Louisiana and even applied for a job having a Masters degree in Political Science, you would have thought I would have gotten a letter stating something or an acknowledgment of my application but no, nothing not even a email. I got a follow on Twitter, but after this I’m quite sure that will be a unfollow. I have studied politics and was a very studious student so I know how in politics you have to say what people want to hear and hire your opponents as favors to win a election. However, I truly find it hard to believe for a man to be working currently in government, as a Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, from 2012 until he was elected to state in a press conference, he didn’t know the state was that bad off and the only option was to raise taxes in a state that has no jobs for people with a education like myself, yet half the state barely have a high school diploma but raise taxes. You can fool some of the people, with that “you didn’t know or wasn’t disclosed that information”, however that shows you weren’t effectively doing your job as a Minority Leader of the House of Representatives.  Governor Edwards should have been aware of the finances in the state he worked for government and lives here. I am ashamed I still live here how racist and how the politicians/elected officials commit illegal acts daily. 

Let me restate, there is no room for growth and opportunity in Louisiana but he raised taxes when in Louisiana you can barely get a job making $30,000. Raising taxes is only a burden to the citizens who cannot get a job and have a family to take care of which results to doing illegal things when you don’t have a education and skillset to do better. I don’t justify illegal behavior but also, I don’t justify why the police chief, mayor and governor have not arrested the officer who murdered Alton Sterling. People wouldn’t have to march and have rallies ever hour here in Louisiana if the police who murdered #AltonSterling was arrested instead of being given a leave and another opportunity to kill instead of protect and serve in which they were hired for. I don’t want to hear that the officers don’t make enough money or certain professions, don’t make enough money because whatever field you decide to go in YOU decide on performing that particular duty for a certain amount of pay with a certain degree to serve. If you don’t like what you do stop and find something you do like just know that when working with the public as a servant, all race and ethnicity are to be respected and treated equally. 

Justice here today just seems as it should be stated Just-us not included. 

Rachel Stewart 

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The good old days


I’m in Vegas at the moment with my old buddy Wopat and we started talking about things we used to do that really aren’t part of every day life any more.

Oddly enough, because I’m such a car guy, one of my best memories of life before the internet was looking at the new Auto Trader magazine when it came out every week.

My mother and brother Bob and I would look through it… circle cars that were our “dream” cars and think about what we’d do if “that” car was in the driveway.

Somehow this tradition made us closer. I think maybe it was the discovery part of turning the page and finding some new jewel there to drool over.

My dream car was a Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am. I wanted that car so bad I almost got a loan that would have made it impossible for…

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It makes me sad when people talk others into doing things that are not truly in their best interests.

Things that are actually damaging to the one taking advice while, at the same time, financially lucrative for the people giving the advice.

That sounds complicated. Here’s another way to put it:

Some people sell cars that don’t run and tell the buyer that this is A “fixer-upper” that will cost you money but be a great project and eventually run as well as you want it to.

Other people put band aids on cars and tell people that they are “jewels” that will serve them and their families well.

One is honest and the other… dishonest.

No, I haven’t purchased any vehicles lately and this is just an analogy.

I’m trying, poorly, to make a point without naming names or calling any particular people in any particular Western state who…

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